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Short explanation

Exchanges are made through tiping option in sites. We are not part of all these sites, but 3rd party service, and we don't have access to your accounts there, so you must send coins (tip) by yourselves.

To make an exchange, keep this order:

1. Fill exchange form and verify info

2. Send tip, when get instructions for that in screen

3. Click "finish".

Full tutorial

1. Go to menu tab "Exchange" and fill form.  

"From site" - from which site you want to exchange (will send) your coins.

"To site" - to which site you want to receive exchanged coins.

"From currency" - from which currency you want to exchange (which coins you will send).

"To currency" - to which currency you want to exchange (which coins you want to receive).

"Amount to send" - amount, you will send (want to exchange).

"Amount to receive" - system will calculate, how much of selected coin you will receive (after fees).

"From username" - your username in selected site, from wich you will send coins.

"To username" - your username in selected site, where you want to receive coins.


* Don't send anything in advance. Wait for instructions on screen, after verifying info.

* Make sure, you entered correct data. System is caps sensitive, so understanding "user" and "User" as different usernames. Write exact amount too.

2. Check info carefuly one more time, and verify info. 

If you noticed mistake, you can go back and edit it.

3. Send tip to "Dinabot" in selected site. 

Send exact amount, as in form. We recommend private tip.

4. After tip is sent, click "Finish".

If you done everything right, you will get notification about it.