Crypto Gamblers Pub

Ninjar is a feature for sharing with friends. Also, you can deside to share part with other Ninjas too, and increase your ninja score for chance to get tipped by another ninja.

Every your tip, sent to Ninjar, is splitted according these rules:

* You must have your username, from which you are sending tip, verified in CryptoGamblersPub, also, set up your friends list. If you will send a tip, but bot wont find friends list of tip sender, tip will be shared to another ninjas.

* Bot runs every minute automatically. Tips sending might delay for a minute or few sometimes, if there were a lot of tips. All tips are private.

* After deduction of 1% fee, bot is trying to split your tip evenly among your friends list in same site, where tip was received. If:

- it's impossible, because doesn't divides equaly, bot rounds it.

- it's impossible, because doesn't fit into minimum tip limit, bot sends as much minimum tips to random your friends, as possible.

- if your tip is too small to be shared after fee, ninjar will concider it as donation.

* You can set up few options, which will be like that, till changed:

- share with other ninjas. By choosing this option, 20% of your tip will be shared to random ninjas with highest ninja score. Ninja score grows with amount, which you shared with other ninjas and as long as you are active (ninja score resets after 10 days of inactivity). If your tip is less than 10x of minimum tip amount of site + fee, tip will be shared only with friends.

- receive sent tips report by email. If you wish to know exactly, who got your ninja tips, choose this option.

If you need further help, contact us through live support on right buttom of page.